Submit Material

Submit information about findings and diseases to the SimulConsult database and get not only the satisfaction and recognition that comes from being part of a crucial community effort, but you can get checks in the mail.

Rewards for submitting information:

The software keeps track of credit points for contributions to the database and we send checks to contributors.  Your credit points are displayed in the software, and authorship is also acknowledged on various screens.

The details: checks are sent out for information that is in the database at the end of each year and was contributed within the past 5 years.  Information only gets into the software after being approved by editors, and it can be replaced by other information that editors deem to be preferable.  All early contributions are time-stamped as November 2008. For checks sent in 2009 we sent $1 for each 10 authorship points, with a minimum of 250 points needed to get a check.  To see your credit points, log into the software, and on the Start screen, under the SimulConsult logo, click the "View profile" button. If you prefer not to receive a check, or if we are unable to contact you at the email address in your registration, we will donate the money to the Child Neurology Society.  You can update your contact information here or re-register if your registration has expired.

Mechanics of submitting information:

To submit material to the database it is best to view the demo video about modifying the database. Our object is to increase further the completeness and detail.

To submit information you first need to contact us to be given access to the database. 

You are welcome to submit information about any material relevant to the database, and we also plan to develop a list of narrative material to cover and ways of indicating that you'd like to cover that material. It is fine to cite material from textbooks, review articles and original articles, including your own books and publications. Since citations can be clickable, this is a great way to direct people to the narrative versions of your work. Please also encourage colleagues to get involved by sending the link to this Web page to them.

Submissions change your copy of the database immediately, but do not appear in the frequent updates to the database until approved by the editors. If you have questions, please contact us.