Patient Privacy

Typically SimulConsult does not receive the details of a patient's illness because the diagnostic tool runs on the computer that the clinician is using, not on SimulConsult's computers.  Although clinicians may choose to save individual cases on their own computers, no identifying information is associated with the information by SimulConsult and the patient information is not sent to SimulConsult.

If the clinician uses the "Save patient summary" feature to display a Web page for the purposes of documentation, there is no identifying information about the patient or doctor when the information for the page is sent to SimulConsult, and the patient summary information is deleted as soon the page is displayed.

If the clinician has agreed with a third party that the third party will receive information about patient findings entered into the SimulConsult diagnostic tool, such information will be sent in accordance with the terms of that agreement.

Privacy for medical professionals

SimulConsult records information about medical professionals in the registration process.  This information is used to verify that the individual is indeed a medical professional.

No contact information is disclosed except in cases in which a medical professional contributes or edits information to the database.  The information in the database is then referenced to the contributor or editor.  Typically the name and postal address are displayed; in addition the phone number may be displayed and there may be opportunity for an e-mail to be sent, depending on the preferences specified when registering or updating a registration.  The contact information is not released to third parties.

Email addresses of registered users are used several times a year to send out notices about important changes in the software.

Privacy of genome information

The SimulConsult genome-phenome analyzer, like the regular diagnostic decision support, runs on the local computer as a Java applet.  Any information read from a genome variant table remains on the local computer.  For example, any population frequencies or homoshares or heteroshares information is used locally and never reaches SimulConsult.