The future has arrived.

Imagine an artificial intelligence (AI) program for medical diagnosis that saves you time while getting to the right answers:

It can even analyze lab testing, including genomic testing, with full clinical correlation to help interpret data crucial for less common diseases.

It’s here.

Now it can use its natural language processing (NLP) to read your notes, recognize the findings, and save you more time. View podcast.

It is what people had in mind when they thought computerizing information would improve medicine.

The NLP is even more useful when adopted by a team, providing efficient collaboration, using the standalone or electronic health record-integrated versions, thus allowing team members to operate at the top of their licenses.

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The future has arrived and it is a lot better than you expected.

SimulConsult’s NLP provides the ability to communicate with generative AI, providing the best of a fluent general interface and answers that are correct.  This can empower consumers to assemble information useful for their individual diagnosis situation, with both pertinent positive and negative information.  In this way, one can combine the power of a sophisticated diagnostic engine with the fluent style of generative AI.

SimulConsult also outputs all the pertinent information about findings, potential diagnoses, and next steps, for each section in the standard SOAP note format that together with generative AI can instantly create a medical draft encounter note for review and signature that is fluent, precise, and accurate.