Digital diagnosis that leaves you in charge

Digital diagnosis is what clinicians had in mind for how computerizing information would improve medicine.

Diagnostic Dashboard: Streamlined workflow for experts

You can select the most appropriate diagnostic mode:

In all three modes, you can then check the evolving differential diagnosis, get suggestions on useful findings to check, and do clinical correlations with imaging, lab, and genomic results.

You can save time by using the editable, automated SOAP note to document the visit and by building off the computational patient summary of colleagues to maximize teamwork.

We help you avoid errors with warnings in real-time of clinical risks for diseases in the differential diagnosis.

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Gold standard prompts from SimulConsult drives reliable medical narrative SOAP note

Clinician Chat: Supports eConsults & Primary Care referrals

Clinician Chat has the core power of the Dashboard with an interface that is easy to use and requires no learning curve. It helps generalists, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, and residents all practice at the top of their licenses.

It is easy to organize the pertinent history with software-generated questions (clinical or lab) based on the evolving clinical picture. It displays the differential diagnosis and a SOAP note.

It uses standard medical terminology and includes explanations. 

Patient Chat saves clinicians time by helping patients organize their history

The Patient Chat is fast and easy to use, with no learning curve. It prompts patients and their families with questions based on the evolving clinical pictures. It also shows patient-friendly explanations and standard medical terminology.