Institutional Site License

SimulConsult’s diagnostic decision support platform is an innovative new resource available to institutions. Site licenses require no integration with the electronic health record, so they are quick and easy to implement. The software generates various PDF outputs that can be saved to the patient record, if desired. Use of the decision support has been shown to reduce diagnostic errors, including unnecessary referrals, by up to 75%. It is useful for many medical professionals in a variety of contexts.

What are the uses of the Phenome Analyzer and who should use it?

What are the uses of the Genome-Phenome Analyzer and who should use it?

As institutions bring exome and genome capabilities in-house, the Genome-Phenome Analyzer allows a particularly helpful workflow between Pathology and the referring physician. Historically, physicians have been reluctant to share much patient data with outside laboratories, and laboratories have been unwilling to share the results of their bioinformatics analysis in an annotated variant table format, preferring to provide a selective report despite not having the information to do so. See article about benefits of this approach. Once the testing is brought within the institution, however, the Genome-Phenome Analyzer provides a communication mechanism between the clinician and pathology that can maximize the rate of diagnosis.

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