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Windows Troubleshooting

Java not running:  You do not need a browser that supports Java; browsers such as Chrome or Edge can load the software using Java Web Start.  However, if you don't have the most recent version of Java, your operating system may prevent you from running the software, which uses Java.  The easiest fix for many problems to install the latest version of Java by clicking here.  In some cases you may need to close all browser windows and open the browser again. A Java test and further troubleshooting tips are at this link.

Other problems require specific workarounds:

Edge: When you are asked "What do you want to do ..." choose Save and run from the saved file.

Windows 8 and other 64 bit versions of Windows:  Your browser and your Java version should be either both 32 bit or both 64 bit.  There is some advice from on determining which versions you have, including special links for downloading 64 bit versions. With certain Java and Internet Explorer pairings there are continual messages to upgrade to the latest version of Java, even if that is running.  The workaround is to do the following in Internet Explorer after installing Java:

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