Case-based quality improvement


  • Enter findings (add synonyms as needed)
  • Differential tab: what is too high or too low, modify to fix (add synonyms as needed)
  • Add finding tab: what is too high or too low, modify to fix
  • Add tests tab: what is too high or too low, modify to fix
  • Check emergence in database
  • Send the patient string in an email to Mickey

Cases done

KawasakiCohen21 May
BehcetCohen21 May
PFAPAHausmann22 May
SneddonLee25 May
BehcetLee28 May
MAS JIALee28 May
SLECohen1 June
CINCAHausman1 June
JIA & synovial cystCohen7 June
SclerodermaCohen7 June
NRLC4Lee11 June
FMFCohen11 June
SAVILee11 June
GoutNew York Times case Segal14 June
COPALee15 June
HSPCohen20 June
PAPALee21 June
CRMOLee21 June
sJIADedeoglu17 July
SLEFleegler19 July
PsoriaticDedeoglu24 July
DermatomyositisDedeoglu24 July
Hyper-IgDDedeoglu24 July
Linear sclerodermaDedeoglu31 July
MonoNadeau6 August
Chronic fatigueSundel28 August
ScurvySundel28 August
DermatomyssitisSundel30 August
LupusSundel30 August
NMOSundel4 Sept
SLESundel4 Sept
MycoplasmaSundel4 Sept
RMSFNadeau26 Oct
BursitisHudgins5 Nov
SCFEHudgins5 Nov
Rat bite feverSegal25 Dec
FGF23 overproductionSegal25 Dec
SchnitzlerSegal26 Dec
Systemic sclerosisSundel27 May
Psoriatic Sundel27 May
Churg-StraussSundel28 May
CRMOSundel30 May
JIA oligoarthritisSundel 3 June
Chronic fatigueSundel 4 June
JIA psoriatic + hypermobilitySundel11 June
PKU with pseudosclerosisSundel13 June
serum sicknessSundel17 June
autoimmune syndromeSundel10 July
MCTDSundel10 July
autoimmune hepatitisChang15 July
IBDSundel22 July
ParvovirusSundel23 July
Transient synovitisSundel1 Aug
Swollen kneeSundel 6 Aug
JIA back pain Sundel 8 Aug
GPASundel29 Aug
Mixed connectiveSundel3 Sept
TakayasuSundel4 Sept
Psoriatic arthritisSundel6 Dec
HSPSundel6 Dec
Dermatomyositis Sundel 9 Dec
PFAPA Sundel 9 Dec