Individual Licenses

This subscription option offers access to all of the same content and features as a professional subscription at a fraction of the price, plus a 30 day free trial.

Phenome Analyzer For trainee

$250 $0.69/day
  • Differential diagnosis display
  • Useful finding displays (clinical & tests)
  • Add findings (positives with onset, and negatives)
  • Assess diagnosis (“explainable AI”)
  • Tip links about current disease and finding
  • Family history: specify in a few clicks
  • Patient Summary: save and reload
  • Prognosis Table output explaining what to expect

Who is the software for?

The software may be used only by medical professionals (doctors, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, bioinformaticists, medical librarians, laboratory technician, or research and development scientists developing clinical laboratory processes and supervised trainees in these professions).

This software compares a patient’s findings to the findings in 9,138 diseases . It suggests a Differential Diagnosis and identifies other findings and lab tests that may be useful in reaching a diagnosis. The tool includes the 4,760 genes with germline changes convincingly associated with human disease. It also includes many nongenetic diseases, with particular strength in neurology and rheumatology.

Providing proof of your trainee status

A personal trainee subscription provides individual resident, fellow, and medical/PA/NP student users with unlimited online access. Discounts are also available for groups of 50 or more trainees that order together with one form of payment. To receive the special trainee price, you must provide proof of your trainee status.

Trainees receive a 30-day free trial and then a 50% reduction in the cost of a regular 1-year subscription.  We must receive your proof of status before 6-months, or your subscription will convert to the regular price and end after 6 months.

Students, residents, and fellows (trainees) must provide at least one of the items below as proof of their trainee status.

  • Signed, dated letter from the director of your program on letterhead from the institution stating that you are currently in medical training and in good standing;
  • Copy of the first and last page of your current contract indicating your medical trainee status and date;
  • Legible copy of an ID badge bearing your name, medical trainee status designation and future expiration date.

How to submit proof of status

Include your order form or confirmation number with your proof of status. You may submit your proof of status via:

PDF: Submit a photo or a PDF of your proof of status via our Contact Form
Fax: +1-617-849-5993